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CDNet including the ACT Community Development Community of Practice

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The Community Development Network of the ACT & Region (known as CDNet) is a support network of community development workers and those interested in community development principles and practices. 

Our purpose is to:

  1. Facilitate the sharing of information on current trends, good practice and activities relevant to community development through an email distribution list;
  2. Provide information on the role of community development to ensure a sound foundation for healthy and sustainable communities; and
  3. Coordinate the ACT Community Development Community of Practice (CDCOP) to provide opportunities for discussion and learning through seminars, workshops and conferences.

CDNet receives funding through the ACTCOSS Peaks funding agreement from the ACT Government for the following key activities:

  • A Steering Committee to oversee and coordinate the activities of the CDNet and ACT CDCOP;
  • Maintenance of the CDNet website and distribution of emails to the CDNet, supported by the employment of an administrative position to manage the website and moderate the email list; and
  • Organising a minimum of one seminar or workshop per year.