About Us

A primary aim of the network is to facilitate discussion and debate, to share information and to provide a better understanding of Community Development in the ACT and Region.

Download our CDNet flier, to keep as handy reference material.

The Community Development Network (CDNet) is a network of people, a cross-section of individuals from the community,  non-government organisations, government, institutions and business with a keen interest in community development. It is not an agency, association, community service, department or business. 

Over 2400 people are linked by an email distribution system [a list server] that enables people to be better informed about activities, initiatives and events relevant to the sector.


Principles of the network include the importance of ensuring that the network is sustainable and retains independence. A further principle is the importance of retaining a broad definition of community development.

Terms of Reference

The Community Development Network of the ACT & Region (known as CDNet) is a support network of community development workers and those interested in community development principles and practices.  Our purpose is to:

  1. Facilitate the sharing of information on current trends, good practice and activities relevant to community development through an email distribution list;
  2. Provide information on the role of community development to ensure a sound foundation for healthy and sustainable communities; and
  3. Provide opportunities for discussion and learning through seminars, workshops and conferences.

CDNet receives core annual funding from the ACT government for the following key activities:

  • A Steering Committee to oversee and coordinate the activities of the CDNet, supported by the employment of a secretariat position;
  • Maintenance of the CDNet website and distribution of emails to the CDNet, supported by the employment of an administrative position to manage the website and moderate the email list.
  • Organising two forums, seminars or workshops per year.


Over 2400 people are registered on CDNet email. Since 2003 thousands of people have participated in CDNet forums and activities. The National Community Development Conference in 2004 was the largest event organised by the then Working Group, with over 400 people attending.

The CDNet Steering Committee

CDNet has a volunteer Steering Committee to oversee and coordinate the activities of the CDNet, supported by the employment of a secretariat position.

The Committee, which comprises of 12 - 20 members, meets for 1.5 - 2 hours bi-monthly. One of its key functions is to plan and organise two or more forums a year for the community development sector.

We encourage subscribers to CDNet's email list to consider joining the Steering Committee, to be a part of creatively planning informative and cost-effective forums for the sector.

If you are interested please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with an expression of interest or just a chat about what's involved. You are welcome to come and meet us or sit in on a couple of meetings to see if it suits you. Alternatively send your information through our Contact Us page.