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           CDNet - A Potted History



In early 2022, an independent evaluation of CDNet was undertaken as part of the 2021-22 grant with the Community Services Directorate (CSD).

The independent evaluation found that CDNet is a relevant, effective and efficient service that is providing the ACT Government with avery significant positive return on investment (ROI) and remains well worth supporting on economic grounds. It also strongly indicates that any increases in CDNet funding, which is one of the five recommendations of this report, would also deliver an excellent, positive ROI.

 Independent economic modelling, using very conservative assumptions, has identified that CDNet delivers:

  • Cost efficienciesfor CDNet subscribers with an estimated value of $50,500 per year 
  • Cost savings to CDNet subscribers with an estimated value of $95,000 per year.

The total of estimated cost efficiencies and savings to CDNet subscribers is $145,500 per year which represents 9.7 times CDNet's current level of funding.

CDNet Summary Report Overview 2020-21